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Fault handling of jaw crusher
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Fault handling of jaw crusher

Fault handling of jaw crusher

There is always something wrong with jaw crusher on operation. Now,Songling will share our experiences in dealing with problems which occurs daily.

Jaw crusher faults

1.The fly wheelrotates,but the movable jaw is not working
    2.The toothed plate looses,causing a metal hit
    3.The granularity becomes coarse
    4.The bearing mat of distance rod clashes.
    5.The spring fractures


The cause and the solution

   1.To change distance rods;to repair the connecting rod;to replace the bad spring.
   2.To fasten or change the screws or the side coupling plank
   3.To turn around the tooth plate or adjust the discharging opening
   4.To adjust or change the spring;to fasten or maintain the bearing seat.
   5.When we turn down the discharging opening,we're supposed to loosen the spring first,then fasten the pull-rod nut properly after adjustment.

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