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Introduction of gold trommel machine
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Introduction of gold trommel machine



Brief introduction of gold trommel machine:

Gold trommel machine consists of motor,reductor,cyliner,frame,seal cover and feeding and discharging end.It is designed to wash and separate particles in gold mining industry.
It’s suitable for separating or sieving bulk or powder material in many different working environment.

Structure design:

Sieving design:Gold trommel machine can be designed with two sieve cloth: telescope-feed. The size of meshes is different. It depends on your requirement or condition.

Washing design:Gold trommel machine is special. Several water tubes are fixed on the surface of outside mesh. Water can be poured into sieve by the force of high pressure. Then the slurry or other impurity is removed.

Note:It’s designed accordingto your requirement or condition.

Environmental design:Steel cover can be fixed over rotary vibrating sieve.

Common material:Frame-steelQ235


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