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The development of ball miller feeding mouth
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After a period of observing the machinery factory on site and combined with the grinding dynamics principle of ball mill , we found an unreasonable phenomenon in the actual production of ball mill rough grinding chamber. Now we will analysis the interaction force on the throwing movement when grinding body and the material motion trajectory and the acting force between the , to explore the causes of this phenomenon. So in order to optimize feeding device, improve the unreasonable problem, the need for feeding spot improvement. Thereby reducing the ball mill grinding efficiency and improve the consumption.

Ball mill feed inlet is designed to improve the necessity:
1. After several years ceaseless improving of the new technologies, the output of the ball mill has changed a lot. Compared with the traditional ball mill, the product yield of the open-circuit mill is two times of the closed-circuit mill with the same specifications.

2 Reduce the grain size, enhanced the ventilation inner the mill, which plays a key role in improving the product output and quality of the mill.

3 Improve the ventilation situation of the mill, many factories have made great efforts and exploration in this area.

4 Install a blast device on the head of the mill and air draft on the end of the mill, which has got better result while it correspondingly increase the energy consumption of a fan and the difficulty of dealing with the grinding tail of dust collecting system.

Therefore, the most effective way is to improve the feed inlet. Above all, it is necessary of selecting and improving an appropriate feeding port when selecting a ball mill.

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