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Obvious advantages of ball mill
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Ball mill is the key equipment of regrinding the material after the materials being broken .It is widely used in the cement, silicateproduct, new building materials, refractory material, chemical fertilizer, the dressing of non-ferrous and glass-ceramics industry.


So what are the advantages and disadvantages  of the ball mill in the grinding process?
(1)Sand making machine, jaw crusher and other sand making equipment are all of high adaptability to materials so that they can meet the demand of large-scale industial production ;
(2) The big ratio of reduction can reach 300 more, and it is easy to adjust the size of the product;
(3)It can operate in way of wet as well as dry ,and it can dry, grind, mixed operate materials at one time;
(4)The structure of Flour mill, Raymond mill is simple but strong and reliable in operation;
(5)With good sealing it can operate at a negative pressure.It is easy to manage and maintain,and can run continuously at a long time.

On the other hand, there are also many disadvantages of ball mill,experts have been engaged in improving and overcoming those demerit several years before.
(1)The efficiency is low with large consumption, the effective power only accounts for about 2% of the total power consumption;
(2)It needs large investment at one time because of its huge size such as some large flotation crusher or sorting machine, rotary kiln, ore-dressing equipment weighing hundreds of tons ;
(3)It also need to install the expensive reduction system;
(4) Abrasive god lining consumes lot of gold and with high noise when working.





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