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The property of Flotation Machine
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Condsidering the working principle of flotation machine and its particularity of using, flotation machine has some properties:

1-Good pneumatic
   Flotation machine must ensure that a sufficient amount of air inhaled pulp (some flotation machine is pressed into the outside air pressure fan) and try to diffuse throughout the tank. Because the more detailed the more uniform dispersion of air, mineral particles in contact with the gas full opportunity to the more efficient flotation the rates also higher.

   Flotation confidential to ensure good mixing of the role of pulp, so that precipitation of mineral particles in suspension Buzhi Yu and can be evenly distributed in the tank, while promoting the dissolution of some insoluble pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and mineral particles in order to facilitate a full role .

3-circulation of
   Within the pulp in the flotation of mineral particles can increase circulation opportunities for contact with the bubbles

4-can adjust the slurry surface and sustainability work
In the flotation process, sometimes need to adjust the thickness of foam and hold slurry flow. And in production from the feeding of the ore to the concentrate floating  till discharge, which is continuous process. According to its performance, flotation machines have the following basic components:
(1)tank,it has a row of holes into the ore slurry holes, and adjust the mineral surface of the gate device;
(2)inflatable device;
(3)mixing device;
马耳他彩票幸运飞艇开奖记录 (4)mineral foam discharge devices.

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